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Membership Features:

  1. Free In Home / Online Profile(s) - Customize  narrative, photo, availability, locations, fees, pay options & testimonials.
  2. Unlimited Subjects - Determine what you want to tutor.  
  3. Flexible Schedule - Determine when you want to tutor.  
  4. Flexible Location - Determine where you want to tutor.                                                  
  5. Flexible Rate & Payment Options - Determine your fee, fee range and payment plan(s) for each tutorial.
  6. 80%, 90% or 100% Compensation Options - Choose what percentage of your hourly rate you want.
  7. Unlimited Clientele - Tutor students inside and outside our network without any stipulations. 
  8. Profile Priority Positioning- Signing in to your account positions your profile at the top of each search result.
  9. Membership Hold Feature - Suspend your membership any time and save your membership time for later..     
  10. Web Presence & Visibility - Have parents and students view your professional profile 24/7.
  11. Client Screening Option - Have us screen your tutorial requests or you screen your own requests.
  12. Our Reputation- Give your tutoring business more credibility. Parents trust our services because of our track record.     The BBB rates us A+


  1. Photo Upload - Show prospective clients what you look like. Profile with photos appears more real and more serious.
  2. Testimonials Placement -  Place your testimonials in your profile so prospective clients can read your successes.
  3. Reference Checks   - Have us contact & collect your references to help build your credibility.
  4. Résumé Upload - Show prospective clients the range of your experience and education.                               
  5. Tutor Certification Option - Show you have been trained and approved. Become a certified tutor.
  6. Background Checks - Get a background check and show parents you have one on file. 
  7. Association Listings - Add any association memberships you have to show professional memberships.
  8. Representation Option - Have us act as your agent with a team behind you or choose to represent yourself.
  9. Tutor Calendar - Show parents & students your availability. Show them you have some times to help them.
  10. Last Log in Feature -  Show clients you are active; it moves your profile to the top tutor search.
  11. Personal Interview - Interview with us. Help us know you better so we can refer you personally.                           

Payment & Billing:

  1. 24-Hour Cancellation Policy Option - If a parent/client doesn't notify you in a timely fashion, we pay you. 
  2. Direct Deposit Option - Don't wait for your check in the mail and another 3-5 business days before it clears. 
  3. Client Invoice Option - Have us handle all billing. Required of Basic Members.
  4. Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Option - Have us take care of all fee negotiation with clients.
  5. Direct Payment or Payment Collection Option - Have us handle all fee collection. Required of Basic Members.
  6. Payment Guarantee Option - Get paid even when your clients have not paid.
  7. Time Sheet & Record-Keeping - Use our online time sheet for submitting your tutorial hours.


Marketing & Advertising:

  1. 1-on-1 Profile Marketing Tips & Guidance - Receive individualized counseling for building your business. 
  2. 5 in-Home & 2 Online Search Features - Have parents and students find you 7 different ways.
  3. Direct Contact Email Option - Allow parents and students to contact you directly. 
  4. Email My Profile Feature - Email your profile with its own web address to prospective students, clients or friends.
  5. Featured Profile on Homepage - Make your profile become more prominent on our homepage and 7 searches. 
  6. Display Full Name Option - Enable full name display on your profile and all search features, if desirable.
  7. Homepage Advertising Option - Advertise your tutoring business or website on our homepage.
  8. Homepage Video & Podcast Option - Post these and they appear on our homepage to increase your visibility.
  9. Mutual Marketing Alliance - Join our Mutual Marketers for more business connections.
  10. Online Tutoring Search Feature - Become visible to prospects requesting LIVE online tutorial assistance.
  11. Local Advertising - Advertise your in-home profile in a number of ways with our help.
  12. National Advertising - Advertise your online profile (online, social media, newsletter) with our help.
  13. Resource Page Option - Place a description and link to your website on our Parent and/or Tutor Resource pages.
  14. Personalized Profile URL & SEO - Customize your profile's URL to suit your tutoring business.
  15. Profile Self-Marketing Tools + Views - Attract potential clients with 330+ social media apps on your profile.
  16. Homepage Featured Profile - Highlight your profiles on our homepage and in all 7 search features.
  17. Personal Interview Option - Interview with us. Help us know you better so we can refer you personally.
  18. Pre-screened & References Icons - Show prospects you have references and you have been interviewed.
  19. Rating & Review Feature - Provide parents, students with feedback about past tutorial sessions. 
  20. Referral Invite Feature - Invite people to Tutoring Match; you receive membership time for all matches created.
  21. Social Media Profile Linkage - Place your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles on your Tutoring Match Profile.
  22. Testimonial Collection & Placement - Have us collect/post reviews from your tutorials on your profile.
  23. Video Email - Create and use video in your email messages to impress prospective clients with your services.
  24. Video Marketing - Have us place your videos on various video and social media sites.
  25. Marketing Tips - Subscribe to our weekly suggestions how you can promote and advertize your services.

  Support & Training:

  1. Unlimited Email Support - Ask us for assistance 24/7.
  2. Tutor Forum - Share your ideas and experiences with other tutors.                 
  3. Online FAQs / Resources / Daily Tips - Access our academic articles & exercises on our blog and forum.
  4. Mediation Option - Have us resolve any tutor/tutee/parent issues.
  5. Newsletter Access - Keep informed by receiving weekly tutoring news, developments, strategies and opportunities.
  6. Referral Records - Access a record of your referral invitations, matches and membership bonuses in your account.
  7. Resources - Use our free educational resources and support on our web site.          
  8. Training - Review our tutor tips, suggestions and guidelines for improving your tutoring skills.
  9. Whiteboard & Tool Training - Become familiar with audio/video conferencing with an hour of 1-on-1 training.
  10. Future References and Recommendations - Use us as a reference to land other jobs or even secure a loan.

Discounts, Credits, Extensions & Rewards:

  1. Refund or Extension - If your earnings are less than membership's cost, you receive a full refund or an extension.
  2. Earned Income Bonus - Earn over $1000 during a fiscal year, we reward you with 3 months of membership.
  3. Family Member Discount - Family members of Paid Members qualify for FREE 1st Session.
  4. Contributor's Reward - Contribute 3 entries / month to Forum / Blog / Newsletters  - receive a month of membership.
  5. Referral Credits / Rewards - For every student or tutor who becomes a match, you receive membership extension.
  6. Renewal Extension - Receive an extra month with renewal of Professional Membership.
  7. Video Incentive - If you create or upload a personal video, you earn 1 month of Paid Membership.

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